Hey I'm Ashish Patel.

I'm a full stack developer living in Pune. I enjoy learning everything I can while making cool stuff.

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Open source projects.

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Featured Work.

Amdocs Optima is a digital customer management and commerce platform. I helped in designing solutions for scalable UI framework.
F1 Standings
Codequiz is a single page application that allows users to register and solve knowledge tests on programming languages.
I helped in creating dashboards which enables the retailers to analyse the performance of the promotions running in their stores and understand their impact on the business.

Personal projects.


My personal lightweight react ui component library

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A web application to help language learners learn new words

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Minimal Todoist

It is a chrome extension to help you complete todoist tasks. After entering your personal token you will be able to see all todos in new page tab

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Solutions to several question of top sites such as freecodecamp, leetcode, codeforces, Hackerrank, Spoj etc.

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Web application that will help you in shortening your url

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Single page app for displaying my collection of quotes

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